Nike SB Dunk Low Pro

Release date: 15th January 2019
Retail price: $100
Colorways: panda pigeon

The new Nike SB Dunk Low Pro in Panda Pigeon colors are a result of a not-so-recent collaboration of Nike and Jeff Staple, namely a "previously rejected sample". The silhouette of the shoe includes a green bamboo graphic, contains reflective accents, and is, reportedly, a "tribute to the infamous first SB Pigeon launch". Nike also altered the previously-seen SAMPLE stamp to STAPLE, in honor of the sneaker's timeline. The shoes are set to retail for $100 at select retailers displayed below, and, with the green accents and reference to nature, it is likely to remain a unique and exciting find in the coming years.

where to buy n' how to get 'em

drop on 15.01 at 9:00 am CET
shipping is worldwide
link to raffle
raffle ends 13.01 at noon CST
in-store pick-up in San Diego, CA
link to raffle
raffle on 12.01
in-store pick-up in Madison, WI
sizes of US7-12
link to raffle
My Favorite Things
raffle ends 12.01 at 10:00 am CET
in-store pick-up in Helsinki
price will be EUR 109
link to raffle
raffle ends 12.01 at noon CET
in-store pick-up in Frankfurt
link to raffle

resale, for sale, and aftermarket

In the short run, you will earn lunch money at best with a retail this low. However, if you're willing to wait maybe as much as a few years, the price is likely to skyrocket. The previous 2005 release is now worth over $14k. As Warren Buffet likes to say, the world is a machine taking money away from the impatient - and giving it to the other kind. The most profitable sizes are likely to be 40-44, and our resale value prediction for those who do not plan on waiting a decade is $150-250.